Monday 27th - Warm Spring Sunshine for Carriage Cleaning

 There were 10 for cleaning today - and just rake 2 and the DMU to do. Taking advantage at Tea Break are some of the team:-

(l to r) John, Kath, Rich, Paul, Tim, Greg, Nigel. Still working were Jane and David.

Time for Tim to help Paul with his mobile phone....

That's a smart looking notice board! :-) - Ed.

After this it was down to the DMU. Soon done and time to return.

But walking through the car park we had found 2807's boiler being returned.

Then being mounted on a trolley

By a crane that folded away

Saturday 25th - Mostly Mogo

I didn't get many pictures today as I was shunting with Ian and Clive in the morning - the first rake was being slightly rearranged and consequently the maroon rake was out instead. A few regular faces not in today too so a bit of an unbalanced blog I'm afraid.

I managed to capture a few of the woodwork team making progress with the RBr floor. Simon here is pondering the next step:

Every time I walked past Robert the bit of plywood he was cutting seemed to get smaller:

It started off 8'x4', by the end I enquired as to whether he was making coasters...

While Simon was up top Alan was on his knees looking up:

Robert captured progress by the end of the day:

Definitely more floor there than there was at the beginning.

I haven't featured any Wednesday evening workings here for a while. Although nominally Toddington based, circumstances have dictated us decamping to Winchcombe recently to speed up progress on the Mogo. So going back a few days, Mark ground down the weld where Nick had welded in the replacement section earlier in the day:

Greg glossed the North end doors:

Richard made a start on the axleboxes:

While I went round with the brown paintable sealant to seal the gaps along the bottom.

Sticking with the Mogo then but back to Saturday, the North end doors were finally hung. After Maurice:

And Paul:

Both photographed by Robert, had bolted everything up, they fitted ok.

Later on Paul captured Maurice cleaning up and priming the inside of the end arc sections now that the welding repairs are complete:

While Paul carried on painting all the various little metal bits and pieces of door furniture and the like:

Later on in the day Paul caught me in action with a bit more signwriting:

Another bit done:

On to The FK in the paintshop, which is to be swapped with the Santa coach in the barn next weekend, the filling and sanding continues, but Dave assures me its nearly there:

Pam also got covered in dust again:

While Phil was sorting out electrical connections on the South end:

The doors are coming on too, with Ainsley making sparks:

And lastly a look in upholstery, where the seats for TSO 4867 not yet even begun in the main and charging ahead. Another back stripped down:

Then Laura and John measure out the new fabric:

Just before I go though, frighteningly it's just seven weeks until our Cotswold Festival of Steam 12th-14th May. The theme this year is 'Cheltenham and Gloucester Steam Days' and the line up is already looking good, with 3 guest locos announced so far:

There is more to come so keep an eye out, but in the meantime now is a great time to book your tickets.

Thursday 23rd - A busy day and some more memories

 A typical very busy C&W day, even though not all our regular Thursday attendees were in.

Continuing on from Nick's report yesterday, the replacement section of skirting on the Cotswold side of RBr 1675 has been cut to shape and is now being checked for fit by Bryan and Rex.

 The upper edge now needs carefully bending to shape.

 Further along the coach, Stu cleans up the edge of another window area.

 At the north end of the coach the welded end of the skirting has been ground down.

Nick also mentioned the proposed strengthening behind the panels using braces. Gerry sets about dealing with this section, taking the relevant measurements while discussing the plans with Nick.

 Measurements taken, the power saw gets to work cutting the required length of tube.

Ken setting up the heavy wood backing for the north end corridor connection. The wood plates will soon be back off and on the Paintshop trestles for priming and painting, though maybe not the centre section which looks complete in black gloss.

 Welders in action.

Progress on the Mogo continues to proceed rapidly. Maurice adds more top coat to the Malvern side of the van.

The weather for the morning was lovely, so it was good to be outside for a while, especially with the yard now looking very full. The 3rd Rake is back in its siding with extra coaches on the left, while the Main Rake on the right had been brought down from Toddington two days before. There were no trains today (mid-week running returns in April), so an ideal day for a walk down the yard.

Reaching the north end with the wide view of the open countryside and Chicken Curve bringing back many memories.

A very different view taken eleven years ago on 17th May 2012 when a group of us had taken a walk along the trackbed to view the progress with the rebuilding of Chicken Curve. It was good to see the slipped section of the embackment back in place and the ballast going back down.


[Photo : John Osborn]  John took this lovely photo just before we strolled back to the Workshop and resumed our various tasks. From left to right : Malcolm, John H, Ron W, myself, Ron B, Dave H, Robin, and Rod. Of the group, just Dave, Rod and myself remain. Ron W. and Robin moved away some time ago, Ron B. had to retire, and sadly we lost Malcolm and John H. a couple of years ago.

Back to today and the view towards the Works and station, with Langley Hill in the distance. The open door of TSO 4986 beckons.

Climbing into the coach I found Richard I, working on one of the lights. It turns out that there was a fault in the LED strip.

The faulty strip was taken back and given to Steve to investigate.

 A small number of the diodes had ceased to function, as confirmed by Steve when tested.

New ones are inserted and soldered in.

Lunchtime over with the two Richards heading off down the Barn and back to one of the rakes to sort out some more faults.

FK 13326 and the prep work continues, with Jeff, ..............

 ...................... Phil, ......................

................. and Bob, all doing a great job and another big step towards getting this seemingly endless part of the coach's repaint done

On to 13326's doors with their refurbishment nearing completion. Ainsley carefully inserts the new back panel for this door into the slot on the side of the door lock.

 With the back panel neatly in position, Ainsley clamps both sides to the door frame.

 The clamps gently bend the panel and ensure it fits tightly against the door frame.

 The screw holes can then be lightly drilled and brass screws inserted to complete the job.


More bits for the Mogo in preparation on the bench being used by Robert.